STANLEY CribMaster – Software Solutions

STANLEY CribMaster - Software Solutions

In 2017, STANLEY CribMaster came back to Optimum Productions after the success of 2016's video series. We focused on a specific target market with the Tool Control video, but Software Solutions needed to hit a specific problem: getting CribMaster back to its roots as a software company.

Working together, we created a graphic pop-up that would help to show how everything is connected through CribMaster's use of Internet of Things - something they've been doing before it was even a trend.

In addition to directing the project & shoot, and editing, Jordan oversaw the development of the graphical style, building off of the 2016 "heads-up display". He worked with some After Effects freelancers to implement across this video and the Tool Control video, and worked himself in After Effects as well to finesse the final tracks and shots.